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Sunday (Pazar) –  A day to drive recklessly, sit next to the sea, invite yourself into people’s homes, and take notice of the explosive miracles in nature.

I spent several hours today meandering through the Üçkuyular Pazaryeri, one of Izmir’s most bountiful and authentic Sunday markets, taking in the organic beauty.

From color to composition, this weekly wonderland exemplifies the seasonality and vulnerability of our Earth’s offerings and the Aegean region’s current deliverance.

Everything from the tomatoes that bled the influence of the Mediterranean sun, to the dozens of varieties of pink and green and orange olives, to the flowering zucchinis and striped eggplants, made me overwhelmingly appreciative to live in a place dependent on organic seasonality; one that doesn’t distinguish between chemical and organic because that distinction simply doesn’t exist.

I’m incredibly inspired to take advantage of this accessibility and I promise that a Turkish recipe collection is in the works.

For now, here are some snaps of what contributed to this absolutely blissful Seasonal Sunday.

An invite to run through rows of flowers.


Yeşıl + Pembe / Beans Abound
All-Of You Are Coming Home With Me
Izmir is to Figs what Bordeaux is to Wine


Egg crates proved highly practical
Izmir’s take on an agricultural sea cucumber
The chickpea roaster – One of Turkey’s most distinctive images


For less than $20 USD, I brought home a dozen eggs, 300 grams of the most beautiful beyaz peynir – white cheese – half a kilo of three varieties of olives, bread baked in a local village, pomegranates, eggplants, plums, tomatoes, cashews, and so on .. Needless to say, dinner parties at mine every day this week.



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