This Is Not Ok.

What you’re feeling right now is not ok.

Regardless of what they tell you.

Despite what you’re made to think.

This is not ok.

You were not born to fear. Fear was created around you, in front of your eyes, underneath your nose. How could you not see it? Smell it? Taste it? Touch it?

You were not made to feel inferior. Inferiority has shaped the way you interact with the world every day / hour / minute / second.

You were not bred of vulnerability. You were strong, so strong, until they forced you to come to terms with the fact that physically, you are weak(er) than them.

No, this is not ok.

You were not supposed to feel self-conscious in your own skin. Because it smells of flower bombs and tells tales of summer adventures in swimming holes.

You were not required to hate your favorite yellow shirt. “No, yellow is not my favorite color and no, I do not own this in another color.”

You were not assumed into discomfort: the sweat inside of your socks, the tightness in your heart-space, the heat in your cheeks, the clenching of your shoulders, the sensation of the seat underneath you.

No, you were not destined to arrive at this moment, because you wore a pair of high-wasted Levis.

No, this is not ok.

It is not ok that as women we are forced to sit silent in embarrassment.

It is not ok that as women we are routinely silenced when we express distress.

It is not ok that as women we craft routines in an effort to reduce the anxiety that simply being a woman creates: clothing we wear. Places we frequent. Friends we keep. People we say hello to on the street.

It is not ok that as women we are coerced into slowing down when we want to accelerate, to run away.

It is not ok that as women we are constantly inviting others into our space when they are uninvited.

It is not ok that as women we are told that our dreams are empty and unconventional and without merit.

No, this is not ok.

You were made to speak your own power.

You were directed to exceed your highest potential.

You were designed to feel confident in your own skin and grow muscles and build a tan, so long as it makes you feel like Y O U.

You were envisioned to embody your true Goddess.

You were encouraged to get lost in your dreams and grow your dreams so much taller than you ever imagined.

You were imagined to have imagination.

You were created to be creative, to create.

You were born out of love, to love the earth and those around you.

You were intended to fall in and out of love.

You were crafted to give yourself away or keep yourself to yourself, your choice, not theirs.

You were destined to explore destiny. To be vulnerable to the power of change.

Yes, yes, this will all be ok.



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