Tis The Season To Tilt

If the Earth had no tilt, there would be no seasons.

If the Earth had no tilt, our lifetime would be lived out in the same plane.

If the Earth had no tilt, we would exist in perfect polarity, in harmony, without any opposition.

The Sun would always live on the horizon. We would never grow closer. We would never move farther away. Perspective would become relative to this.

It’s September now and the days are growing shorter. Light is fighting for brightness. Dark is opportunistic.

While our axis, our centerline, has begun to tilt away from the Sun, Earth has decided to move closer to it. Dynamic opposition: growing away from and moving closer to.

There is a deep intelligence in this nature system, this opposition in motion. As polarity presents itself, perspective has the opportunity to reawaken around it.

In September we straddle our dynamic opposition, our own beautiful contradictions: Contentment with consistency, Curiosity of variability. Desire to ground down, a Need to sway like the branches, to Fall like the leaves.

Perspective unearths the realization that we are not mutually exclusive and only by tapping into our dynamism can we grow towards true balance.

In September we reexamine. We begin to see both from close-up and from a great distance away. We exist as the Observer. We become students to Earth’s rhythmic cycles and their abilities to shake the ground we stand on. We open our mind to recalibrate before being swept into the seasons.

And with an open mind we can fill our world with anything: Intentionality. Inspiration. Connectivity. And with an open mind we can choose how to define ourselves: Courageous. Creative. Content.

In September, We Tilt.




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